crystal planet
Release Date Mar 3 1998
Crystal Planet Cover
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01. Up in The Sky
02. House Full of Bullets
03. Crystal Planet
04. Love Thing
05. Trundrumbalind
06. Lights of Heaven
07. Raspberry Jam Delta-V
08. Ceremony
09. With Jupiter in Mind
10. Secret Prayer
11. A Train of Angels
12. A Piece of Liquid
13. Psycho Monkey
14. Time
15. Z.Z.'s Song



Joe Satriani - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Harmonica
Stu Hamm - Bass
Jeff Campitelli - Drums and Percussions
Eric Caudieux - Keyboards, Programming and Editing
Eric Valentine - Drums, Bass, Keyboards and Percussion
Rhoades Howe - Percussion
Elk Thunder - Percussion

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Fraser
Additional Production, Engineering and Mixing by Eric Valentine, John Cuniberti and Joe Satriani.
Assistants: Kent Matcke, Kevin Scott, Zac Allentuck, Judy Kirschner, Stephen Hart and Rhoades Howe.
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound
Direction: Bill Graham Management
John Kalodner: John Kalodner
Art Direction: Rex Ray
Photography: Neil Zlozower

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