crystal planet - credits

Crystal Planet Credits

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Fraser

Additional Production, Engineering and Mixing by Eric Valentine, John Cuniberti and Joe Satriani.

Assistants: Kent Matcke, Kevin Scott, Zac Allentuck, Judy Kirschner, Stephen Hart and Rhoades Howe

Musicians: Joe Satriani: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Harmonica. Stuart Hamm: Bass. Jeff Campitelli: Drums and Percussion. Eric Caudieux: Keyboards, Programming and Editing. Eric Valentine: Drums, Bass, Keyboards and Percussion. Rhoades Howe: Percussion. Elk Thunder: Percussion.

Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound


Direction: Bill Graham Management

John Kalodner: John Kalodner

Art Direction: Rex Ray

Photography: Neil Zlozower

Thanks to: (alphabetically) Black Market Music; Gary Brawer; Paul and Adrian Chandler; Peter Primont, Aida Gurwicz, and everyone at Cherry Lane Music; John Cuniberti; Greg Romano and everyone at D'Addario; Pierre deBeauport and Dave Rouze at "Two Incredibly Cool Guys Limited"; Stan Diamond; Digitech; Larry DiMarzio, Steve Blucher and everyone at DiMarzio; Wayne Forte and everyone at Entourage Talent; Buzz Feiten; Mike Fuller and everyone at Fulltone; Guitar Center of San Francisco; Tom Tanaka, Bill Reim, Rob Nishida, Tim Komonchak and everyone at Ibanez; John Faber and everyone at ISP Networks; Stephen Jarvis; Ross Lahey; Andrew Lawton; John Lobel and everyone at L.S.D.; Captain Mike Manning (Master of the Sea, Zen Master, Guitar Tech, #1...mmm...guy, What the hey do I pay you for? You lyin' son of a fish! He's on a three hour tour...factotum, Talk to the Hand!); Marshall Amps; Doug Nightwine; Len McRae and everyone at Peavey; Fred Duffin, Angie Aguilar and everyone at Provident Financial Management; Real Guitars; Kent Kline and everyone at Roadshow; J.W. Roberts; M.L. Procise and everyone at Showco; S.I.R. San Francisco; Dick, Katie, Kevin, Duane, Mike, Elizabeth, Partner and everyone at The Site; John Giddings, Graham Pullen and everyone at Solo; Diane Delmonte and everyone at Travel Notes; Chris Varrin; Matt Wells, Rick Fish and everyone at Winterland; Wizard Amps.

David Glew, Polly Anthony, David Massey, Steve Barnett, Scott Douglas, Steve Einczig, Jock Elliot, Melissa Dragich, Karen Gruning, Leslie Langlo and everyone at Epic Records in the U.S. and around the world.

Mick Brigden, Arnold Pustilnik, Kevin Burns, Cynthia Parsons, Ray Etzler, Jay Wilson, Elena Frigeri, Patrick Alvarado and everyone at Bill Graham Management and Bill Graham Presents.

Jeff Campitelli thanks: Rich Mangicaro and all at Paiste Cymbals; John Good and all at Drum Workshop; Kelly Firth and all at Vic Firth; JohnnMike and Eric; Mom and Dad; Stella; and most of all Christy. y Craviatto; Tony Ellis; Everyone at Danville Music Studio; Masaki at One Way Studio; Eric Wood; John Cuniberti; Everyone at Bill Graham Management; Joe, Stu,

Stuart Hamm thanks: Joe; Jeff; Fraze; Eric; Mike; Kent; Gary Brawer; Mick, Arnie, Cynthia and K.B.; Todd Krause; Buzzy Feiten, Greg Bach; Dave Cowells; The Irish Bank; Hotel Triton; Carrie Davidson; The Plant; The Site; Cecil Burt; and Shirley the Best. Stuart Hamm uses Fender Guitars, Hartke Speakers and Amps and GHS Strings.

Extra special thanks to Rubina and Z.Z

Joe Satriani recordings also available from Sony:

G3 Live In Concert with Eric Johnson/Steve Vai (67920) - G3 Live In Concert with Eric Johnson/Steve Vai - The Video (50157)
Joe Satriani (68023) - Flying In A Blue Dream (68024) - Not Of This Earth (68025) - The Extremist (68026) - Time Machine (68027) Surfing with the Alien (68028) - Dreaming #11 (68029)

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