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This is an archive of 2005 G3 (featuring Joe, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci) dates in Japan, plus some special "Evening With" dates that brought Joe to India for the first time. Joe's lineup for these shows included Jeff Campitelli on drums, Matt Bissonette on bass, and Galen Henson on rhythm guitar. The G3 shows were taped and released on CD and DVD as G3: Live In Japan

G3 in Japan
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci

May '05
[Attendance] [Reviews] 05 Thu Zepp Tokyo, JP
G3 w/ Steve Vai & John Petrucci.
[Attendance] [Reviews] 06 Fri Grand Cube Osaka, JP
G3 w/ Steve Vai & John Petrucci.
[Attendance] [Reviews] 08 Sun Forum Tokyo, JP
G3 w/ Steve Vai & John Petrucci.
[Attendance] [Reviews] 09 Mon Geijyutsu Gekijyo Nagoya, JP
G3 w/ Steve Vai & John Petrucci.
[Attendance] [Reviews] 10 Tue Mielparque Hiroshima, JP
G3 w/ Steve Vai & John Petrucci.

Joe in India
Tickets go on sale May 3 and are being sold by Planet M, the leading music store in India. For any group ticket sales, an email should be sent to info@opiumevents.com.

May '05
[Attendance] [Reviews] [Photos] 13 Fri MMRDA Grounds Bombay, IN
[Attendance] [Reviews] 15 Sun Salt Lake City Grounds Calcutta, IN
[Attendance] [Reviews] 17 Tue Palace Grounds Bangalore, IN

Special Appearances

August '05
[Attendance] [Reviews] 17 Wed Guitar Workshop Plus Vancouver, BC CA
A special guitar workshop (session 3 from Aug 15-20) that Joe will be visiting on the 17th for a master class and some performing. Basic information at www.guitarworkshopplus.com and some details on the session here.

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