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(Leonardo Digiorgio)
Wed Oct 07 '15
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Rome, , IT
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Tue Oct 13 '15
1:40 am
I am southern Italian city of Taranto, I am a guitarist and I play the music of joe from more than 10 years, the concert in Rome and 'was for me the first opportunity that I dress to meet joe live. the concert 'was exciting, Joe played by god, I wanted to play with him flying in a blue dream😂 .... the only time when I was sad,' was when I could not take the pick of joe guitar that launched to the public. I hope that you return in Italy ... ☺️ so you could take a picture with joe and receive his pick....👽👽😊😊😊 I would be happy if only joe I answered him in person, even once .... my only satisfaction and 'guitar and his music, thank you hope you can understand me ... ☺️

gabpao Wed Oct 07 '15
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Rome, , IT
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Thu Oct 08 '15
5:25 am
I attended the Rome show yesterday evening: that was great, wonderful, perfectly performed by Joe, Mike, Marco and Bryan, in an impressive explosion of energy and technic. As a winner of a special draw I had also the rare opportunity of meeting Joe before the show (a wonderful, quiet guy) and some members of the staff I want here to thank very much for all their availability and courtesy. And...believe me: being on stage during encores is a wonderful experience!