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(Alexandre Caetano)
Fri Jul 18 '14
Super Bock, Super Rock
Meco, , PT
Rank: 9 Posted:
Mon Jun 08 '15
5:56 am
I just gave to this Joe`s concert a 9 because it was an one hour concert but it was awesome!! Perfect sound, great band and an amazing audience. Joe is an amazing musician and he has very good staff. The sound was really good. Thank you so much Joe, always with you :D.

(Luís Caroto)
Fri Jul 18 '14
Super Bock, Super Rock
Meco, , PT
Rank: 3 Posted:
Mon Jul 28 '14
12:52 pm

There is something plain wrong regarding Satriani concerts. The lead guitar (Satch one) is completely over the top! Too damn loud and painful to the listener years.

It is the fifth time Satriani plays on Portugal, I went to 3 of the shows, in 3 different "houses" and the sonic experience was always awful due to the problem described above.

If this is a deliberate action then shame on you! If it is the sound engineer, you really need to find a better one!

Regards, LMC

PS: I really hope Satch reads this or at least someone show him this for me.