show review
(Hugo Anguiano)
Sat Sep 20 '14
Metropolitan Theatre
Mexico City, , MX
Rank: 10 Posted:
Sun Nov 01 '15
8:25 am
That was the first time I've seen to Joe Satriani. It was amazing... I still remember "Surfing With The Alien" in that show, it was ESPECTACULAR!!!!

wolf2 Sat Sep 20 '14
Metropolitan Theatre
Mexico City, , MX
Rank: 9 Posted:
Thu Oct 01 '15
6:54 am
Hello ,Joe wolf2 here ,well I have been to alot of shows but the mexico city metropolitan theater was remeberable it was sort of like a kids birthday party man pinaiatas and everything it sounds huge metropolis but it was very small inside but many people I think their was 11 ,000 people their or maybe more it was great sometimes litttle things mattter especially to guy like me who rides time difference though You kicked some serious but their I believe man that that was whats callled a Boosting show where you just let her all out it was cool it was like have cream poured over my ears or melting ice cream on them you had some you said you were trying ne equipment I thought it was the best show of all I been too too date I have more reviwes later but it was perfect for their I got the feel from yeah their it sent like a lightning strike threw our bods you yours .Perfect it was Im not doing much ridieng formula Atk litttle races winnning some races thats all I rode my bicycle here to the library to do that review for you it was though man different gear same brands different models money talks bs walks later wolf2.