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toshi6693 Thu Nov 13 '08
The Wiltern
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: Posted:
Wed Nov 26 '08
2:10 pm
I have been Joe's fan for over twenty years now. the show at Wiltern was great. good sound quality. but i can't resist to mention this but few songs, it seemed joe started song little out of tune???? Did anyone noticed? one example was song, 'revelation'. Or, am I wrong........ this is first time i have noticed.

(Keith Davis)
Thu Nov 13 '08
The Wiltern
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Fri Nov 21 '08
4:30 pm
My girlfriend bought me my tickets back in August for my B-day and I was going nuts waiting for the show........ Now about the show, I play guitar and am sad to say that alll I knew about Mountain was Mississippi Queen. Boy was I sadly mistaken to think that was all there was to them. I was blown away. I loved Blowin in the Wind with the rocked up attitude. Corkey puts in a heck of a show. And for Joe......WOW and the....WOW I loved Ghosts from the new album. I was stoked to hear Ice 9 (my favorite song off of Surfing) The way Stu plays bass is amazing. I will most dwfinately be going back to see him again whenever I get a chance.

richie g
(rich gilbert)
Thu Nov 13 '08
The Wiltern
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 9 Posted:
Wed Nov 19 '08
8:19 am
Mountain was a little rough around the edges. Joe was just fantastic and I would guess that the Wiltern was probably one of the best venues of this whole tour - fantastic sound and beautiful architecture - real old world charm. The sound was near perfect - not too loud or too soft and not distorted. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to see Joe perform (for free) at Guitar Center Hollywood. He played about 8 tunes and then took questions, gave autographs, handshakes, etc. Besides being an amazing guitar virtuoso, it turns out that he's a very warm, friendly and soft spoken man.

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