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Demonic Shredder
(Huthaifa Al-Rawi)
Thu Oct 09 '08
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Mon Oct 13 '08
10:44 pm

WOW ! What CAN I SAY ! Im not even finding the words to express what i saw 4 days ago ! A Dream Came True to me,finally after over 5 years of being a hardcore and loyal fan to the Master....my Guitar Idol/Hero....Joe Satriani...i had the chance to stand right infront of him and watch his amazing,beautiful preformance Live. it was a dream to me to see him just months ago, coz just got immigrated to the States (Detroit-MI) 2 months ago from Baghdad-Iraq. that night was by far the best....the theater,the audience,the stage,the music...everything. I arrived @ abt 8:25 pm, and Mountain was already there preforming their songs and they surley rocked the stage till 8:45 pm where the crew started to set the stage for the Maestro to hit the stage @ around 9:05....kicking it off with (I Just Wanna Rock)....i was amazed by the stage production and the beautiful lighting....(Compared to what i saw on his solo/G3 dvd's). I was on the left side of the stage-audience prespective- right infront Satriani's main pedal board.his whole band were on Fire....Stu kept going from side to side,interacting with the audience, throwing picks-luckily i got one near the end of the show :)-. and reflecting the light to bling the audience not to mention the monitor engineer ! Galen was doing his job @ his best, also interacting with audience,keeping everyone smiling :) Jeff...he's one of my fav.drummers,and he's out there proving it everynight on every single second of the show...beautiful beats, keeping the band tight... now comes Satriani.....the beautiful soul,i really dont know after all these years and the thousands years how he can keep it that spiritual, and playing these songs everynight just as he 1st composed them.he's my fav.Guitarist coz he plays with feelings, and never lost it...not a single note. i enjoyed and smiled every single moment of that night...and every single note from the setlist....

they played.. 1-I Just Wanna Rock 2-Overdriver 3-Satch Boogie 4-Ice 9 5-Flying in a blue Dream 6-Ghosts 7-Revelation 8-Super Colossal 9-One Big Rush 10-Cool #9 11-Intro Solo+Time Machine+Followed by the Bass Solo by Stu Hamm 12-Andalusia 13-Always With Me,Always With You 14-Surfing With The Alien Encore: 15-Crowd Chant 16-Summer Song 17-Going Down -as G2- Feat.Leslie West on Guitar :)

here r some websites that belongs to 3 of the photographers who were there....

Mountain http://www.2snapsup.com/pages/bandsq16/b16081009m/

JS http://www.2snapsup.com/pages/bandsq16/b16081009js/index.htm

Mountain http://imagesbygene.zenfolio.com/p540162009

JS http://imagesbygene.zenfolio.com/p827638935

also check the 186 pix on the official website of The Royal Oak Theater...they r the best and i really appreciate if anyone took some vids/pix to send me a link on my email (blackmaster1988@gmail.com)

after the concert ended @ 11:07 pm, iwent out bought keychain as a souvenir from the show and just when i was going out....some guy was giving FREE tickets to Yngwie Malmsteen concert on Friday this week ! so i took 1 for myself and another one for my brother...did Joe pay for these ? I dont know !

can't wait to see Satriani again...maybe on a G3 :) or with his Chickenfoot project. Thx Joe For the Music,and a big thanks to all the ppl who made this night so special to me....Thx Detroit and Everyone who was there :)

Joe Ur Music kept me alive through all the years of war and violence that i went through, and inspired me to be a better person and a a better Guitarist.....Keep on Rockin.....Wish U and all ur Loyal fans all the best...

Huthaifa Al-Rawi Detroit-MI/Baghdad-Iraq

(Craig bennett)
Thu Oct 09 '08
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI, US
Rank: 9 Posted:
Sat Oct 11 '08
1:56 pm
I was happy to hear "time machine", joe did a great job on this one, And it sounded better in person. Stu's solo was great. I think he did a song from led zepplin on the bass. The light show was fantastic!! I wont give away any spoilers, But it was awesome!! The show was the loudest of any satriani concerts I have been to, But I always say "LOUDER IS ALWAYS BETTER" !! I did miss hearing 2 songs...Mystical potato head groove thing & ten words, But you can only fit so many songs into one night. keep up the good work joe, And we will see you on your next tour!

fussen_kuh Thu Oct 09 '08
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI, US
Rank: 8 Posted:
Sat Oct 11 '08
11:59 am

What's there to say? I got the joy of seeing another great show by Professor Satchafunkilus! Anyone who has seen Joe live knows that he always puts on a great show. This one was no different. From the opener, "I Just Wanna Rock," to the final jam with Leslie (I'll let you guess the song), the music was spot on.

Of everything that was played, I think I enjoyed "Andalusia" the most. Of course, Joe didn't play my favorite song, "Ten Words," so I'd have to say I was a bit disappointed about that... but, with so many great songs to choose from, it's hard to fit everyone's favorite into the set. I do have one little suggestion for the stage show. Please, if at all possible, Joe, try to make your way to the left side (right side from the audience perspective) of the stage more often! Those of us that weren't lucky enough to work our way to Stage Right, were left watching Stu and Galen all night... while not bad by any means, I was hoping to see a bit more of close up Joe!

Speaking of Stu and Galen, they put on one heck of a good show! Getting to see Stu slap that bass up close was a thing of beauty. I'd also like to give a special thanks to Galen for taking a bit of time during the show to make a little kid's evening. Throughout the show, a 6 (or so) year old kid and his dad were hanging out near the front left side of the stage. Security was even nice enough to let the kid actually sit on the side of the stage for most of the show. Anyways, towards the end of the show, Galen noticed the kid and walked over towards him. After playing for a bit not more than a foot from the kid, he bent down and give him his pick. It wasn't me nor my child, but, that's genuine class right there. So, kudos to you, Galen, for probably making that kid's night and for giving him a story that he can tell for years to come!

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