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"Surfing With The Alien" Giveaway Contest

In Oct 2007, we offered 20 free giveaway packages to all SATRIANI.COM members!

The prize packages included:

Planet Waves Joe Satriani Strap
Planet Waves Joe Satriani Picks
Autographed "Surfing With The Alien" CD booklet
Guitar World magazine with Joe and Steve Vai on the cover

Here are the winners who won the prize packages. We've listed just nicknames and general location to protect their privacy. Thanks to all for participating!

  1. Wozz (Kinross, WA Australia)
  2. TJGardner (Star Tannery, VA USA)
  3. danielitakpa (Lanus, Buenos Aires Argentina)
  4. cosmic_ape (Mt. Pleasant, MI USA)
  5. Jeepster007 (Solihull, West Midlands England UK)
  6. cosmicdebriz (Seymour, CT USA)
  7. TheTrinity777 (Wyoming, MI USA)
  8. rjmuzza (Surbiton, Surrey UK)
  9. ERedsky (Tehran, Iran)
  10. HOBBY4ME (Brockton, MA USA)
  11. electric_guitarist (Moncton, New Brunswick Canada)
  12. paulomoura (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Brasil)
  13. blueburn (Korinthos, Korinthos GREECE)
  14. ctaustin (Olympia, WA USA)
  15. rnoFR8MAN (Reno, NV USA)
  16. stringbendtap (Kennesaw, GA USA)
  17. quito (Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil)
  18. dedwards (Lexington, VA USA)
  19. jsmike (worthington, OH USA)
  20. JamesFreire (Stamford, CT USA)

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