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"Live From Hyde Street" Lottery

On Saturday, AUG 18th, 2007 Joe will perform in the studio where Surfing With The Alien was recorded (Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco). In this performance, Joe will perform the entire album and also tell stories about each song. We held a lottery where 10 people (plus one guest, each) were randomly selected to attend this very special show.

Here are the winners who (plus 1 guest, each) have won tickets to this very special event! We've listed just nicknames and general location to protect their privacy. Should any of them be unable to travel to San Francisco for the show, we will draw secondary winners around Aug 4th. Thanks to all for participating!

  1. Meg604 (Redwood City, CA USA)
  2. 1djdave (Los Banos, CA USA)
  3. Benster (Montreal, Quebec Canada)
  4. Stew Da Jew (Los Gatos, CA USA)
  5. obsidian11 (Santa Rosa, CA USA)
  6. Wench (Redwood City, CA USA)
  7. sardonic65 (Lynn, MA USA)
  8. satrinicious (Aarhus, Denmark)
  9. axeshredderjc (Mineola, NY USA)
  10. Arvid (Mexicali, B.C. Mexico)

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