satriani live! - one robot's dream fan video contest

The One Robot's Dream Fan Video Contest

What It Is Was

We invited everyone to create their own short video of what they would dream if they were a robot. SATRIANI.COM members voted on their favorite videos and the winners won some cool swag and are listed here.

How It Worked

  1. Come up with an idea for your video -- let your imagination run wild! If you were a robot would you dream of other robots? Humans? Space exploration? Love? Eating pancakes with syrup? A nice clean oil bath? Include your family, pets, friends, sock puppets, etc in your video.

  2. Create your video -- use your webcam or use pro video gear, it doesn't matter. All videos must be under 5 minutes and may use excerpts of the song "One Robot's Dream". However, there is no requirement for there to be music. Take care not to use someone else's video without permission.

  3. Upload it to YouTube and tag it with "onerobotsdream".

  4. After your video has been posted, verify it shows up when searched on "onerobotsdream". Here is a link to all videos with that tag.

  5. Add your entry to SATRIANI.COM for voting

  6. Post on the "Talk To Joe" page to let folks know that you've added it and they should check it out and vote on it

  7. Vote! (voting now closed)


The top 10 Submissions with the highest average vote are the winners. For the sake of the contest swag, winners must be from the U.S. and over 13. As a result, there are more than 10 entries listed here since we wanted to include the non-U.S. entries that were included in the top. :}

  1. dr_caco [view] (Argentina)
  2. fussen_kuh [view]
  3. bmc2o3 [view]
  4. sillato [view]
  5. EBERARD Philippe [view] (France)
  6. ned evett [view]
  7. I like this guy [view] (Russia)
  8. Neguib [view] (Mexico)
  9. Geerawrd [view]
  10. Guitarperson9590 [view]
  11. gotta have Joe [view]
  12. Waffle Eater [view]
  13. chiefminger666 [view] (UK)
  14. satch4 [view]
  15. roffler [view]
  16. Pamposh [view] (Bosnia & Hercegovina)

To view all videos uploaded to Youtube for the contest, click here.