is there love in space?
Release Date Apr 13 2004
Is There Love In Space? Cover
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02. Up In Flames - MP3 WMA RM QT
03. Hands In The Air - MP3 WMA RM QT
04. Lifestyle - MP3 WMA RM QT
05. Is There Love In Space - MP3 WMA RM QT
06. If I Could Fly - MP3 WMA RM QT
07. The Souls Of Distortion - MP3 WMA RM QT
08. Just Look Up - MP3 WMA RM QT
09. I Like The Rain - MP3 WMA RM QT
10. Searching - MP3 WMA RM QT
11. Bamboo - MP3 WMA RM QT
12. Tumble - MP3 WMA RM QT
13. Dog With Crown & Earring - MP3 WMA RM QT

Note: The bonus track "Tumble" was intially available only on iTunes and "Dog With Crown & Earring" only on the Japanese release.

Is There Love In Space? Back Cover



Joe Satriani - guitars, keyboards, harmonica and vocals
Matt Bissonette - bass
Jeff Campitelli - drums, percussion
John Cuniberti - tambourine
ZZ Satriani: bowed bass on "Bamboo"
Mike Manning: Harley Davidson on "I Like The Rain"

Produced by Joe Satriani
Recorded at The Plant Studios by John Cuniberti
Additional recording at Studio 21 by Joe Satriani
Mixed at The Plant Studios by Mike Fraser
Assistant engineers: Justin Phelps and Mike Boden
Digital Editing: Eric Caudieux
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC
Tech Crew: Mike Manning, Michael Sandoval

Direction: Mick Brigden / BGManagement
Art Direction and Design: Rex Ray
Photography: Greg Watermann
Illustration: ZZ Satriani
Digital Strategy: Jon Luini / Chime Interactive




Come check out the listening party where you can listen to the entire album through QuickTime streaming. In addition to all 11 songs on the US release, the two bonus tracks "Tumble" and "Dog With Crown & Earring" are included. Joe also provides personal introductions for each track. As if that weren't enough, there also is a 17-minute video taking you into the rehearsal with Joe and band. Click here to tune in!