Joe Satriani Engines Of Creation Webcast and Contest
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The contest winner is Mike Maas from Frankfort, Kansas!
The show is over, and the archive is now down (it was up for a month after the show).

Click here for photo gallery from the show!

A N N O U N C I N G . . .

Apple QuickTime TV and present the Joe Satriani Engines Of Creation Live Webcast featuring an exclusive contest sponsored by Ibanez, and Epic Records.

Joe Satriani will be closing out his US tour in support of his groundbreaking new release, Engines Of Creation, with a live webcast from the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington on Fri, May 19th. The webcast will be delivered exclusively in Apple's Quicktime streaming media format and available free to all Internet fans. The 2 1/2 hour concert webcast will also include the drawing of the winner of a special online contest featuring a stunning prize package, including:


The webcast will be a LIVE broadcast of Joe's May 19th, 2000 show from the Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA. Showtime is currently scheduled to be 8pm PST. We suggest you visit the QuickTime site and make sure your computer is prepped for the webcast (you will need a computer running either MacOS or Windows). Check back as we will be adding more information and a sample clip for you to test your computer.

Contest entrants must be a resident of the contentintal United States to win. You don't need to be a member of Joe's fan club to enter the contest, but we definitely invite you to join and benefit from the features all the same. Click here to join Joe's Online Fan Club.

Note: Entries are no longer being accepted. is proud to have such a great group of companies support Joe's desire to use the Internet to deliver cool content and fun contests to his fans.

The webcast is being produced and streamed by Apple's QuickTime TV division. Contest prizes are provided through generous support from Ibanez,, and Epic Records. is publishing new Satch editorial and video content leading up to the webcast and contest. Included is an in-depth interview about Engines Of Creation and a sidebar on what gear he uses on stage. Also featured are a number of video clips covering scales and soloing, an interview with Joe's guitar tech Mike Manning, plus a live video of Summer Song from the last G3 tour. Click here to check it out.

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