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Bryan Beller has maintained a multi-faceted career as a bassist, composer, solo artist and clinician for over 25 years, earning his reputation as a uniquely talented yet supremely tasteful team player for instrumentally-minded artists. He's been Joe Satriani's touring bassist since 2013, marking three trips around the world and a fourth to come in 2020 for the Shapeshifting World Tour. In the power super-trio The Aristocrats (with uber-players Guthrie Govan on guitar and Marco Minnemann on drums) he's a part of one of the hottest world touring acts in rock/fusion today; their 2019 release You Know What…? debuted at #2 on the Billboard Jazz Chart. He was Steve Vai's choice for the 2009 live CD/DVD Where The Wild Things Are, and he also toured and recorded in the "band" Dethklok, a tongue-in-cheek extreme metal band borne of the hit Cartoon Network "Adult Swim" show Metalocalypse. He's been a musical partner of freak/genius guitarist Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) for over 20 years and 10 albums.

On his own, Beller's solo album catalog includes 2003's View, 2008's Thanks In Advance, and 2011's Wednesday Night Live, as well as an Alfred instructional DVD, all released to widespread acclaim. His 2019 solo release - the progressive concept double album Scenes From The Flood featuring Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, Mike Keneally, Gene Hoglan (Dethklok), Ray Hearne (Haken) and many more — was hailed by multiple outlets as an instant classic: "A colossal artistic statement and a career triumph… one of the year's most intriguing and staggering albums, it will for sure end in our 2019 best of lists." (Scott Medina, Sonic Perspectives)

As a pure player, a composer, a masterclass clinician, a former Contributing Editor for Bass Player Magazine, and a former VP of SWR bass amps, Bryan Beller brings a holistic perspective to the world of bass, and music.


2020 Shapeshifting Tour (Tour)
2018 What Happens Next / G3 (Tour)
Shockwave Supernova (Studio Album + Tour)
Unstoppable Momentum (Tour)